Marco Pini
multidiciplinary artist, designer, curator and musician. Co-founder of Slow Dance Records




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comfort - all fears, fully formed EP
fatcat records

Sibling duo Natalie and Sean re-located to Glasgow with the intention of forming a band that resisted traditions. comfort’s set up consists of Sean on drums and Natalie as magnetic frontwoman, backed by wildly oscillating software synths to create music that is direct and engaging.

comfort are defiantly queer in social landscape which proves to be fertile ground for transphobic backlash. They have reinterpreted the ethos of punk music for the 21st century sending a clear message that they hold no interest in finding a middle ground with bigotry. In an industry where playlists are king, and aesthetic rules, comfort are unconcerned with fitting in. As the validity of trans identities is consistently in question, comfort create music demanding freedom not tolerance.